107 Hydroxyl Silicone Oil (High Viscosity)

107 Hydroxyl Silicone Oil (High Viscosity)
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JP-107 Polymer Hydroxyl Silicone Oil

[Performance features]
Chemical name: dihydroxylpolydimethylsiloxane.
JP-107 Polymer Hydroxyl silicone oil is the organosilicon material polymerized by siloxane monomer terminated with hydroxyl groups . Conventionally the hydroxyl silicone oil with viscosity above 1500 mpa.s is called 107silicone sealant/adhesive.
Molecular formula: HO-Si(CH3)2 O〔Si(CH3)2 O〕nSi(CH3)2-OH

Apart from general functions of hydroxyl silicone oil, this product possesses the reactivity of hydroxyl group that can be made into some new material or crosslinked as elastomer(or film body). This product is colorless transparent liquid with excellent electrical insulation, high and low temperature resistance, high flash point, low freezing point, long-term adaption to temperature from -50ºC to 250ºC, low viscosity-temperature coefficient, high compression rate, low surface tension, good water repellent and moisture resistance, chemical inertness, physical inertness.

[Technical index]
Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid ,Viscosity (25ºC,mpa.s): 1500~100000 (based on customer request)Hydroxyl content (%): 0.5 ~ 3 (directly related to viscosity).

Used as main raw material in RTV mold silicone rubber, defoamer and silicone glass cement.1. Used as insulating, moisture resistant, anti-shock and heat resistant perfusion sealing material in radio, electronic equipment, semiconductor and other electronic components and assemblies.2. Used as rubber roller material in automobile and machinery industry.3. Used as rubber roller material in textile, plastic and printing industry.4. Caulking sealing material in construction industry.5. It has excellent mold release performance, particularly suitable for the manufacture of precision mold and impression materials.

[Usage and dosage]
Generally use with curing agent to get crosslinking curing. Used in release paper, it need coupling agent to fix. The curing agent accounts 3 to 5 percent of the silicone glue and coupling agent accounts 0.5 to 1 percent. Most of the cases the silicone glue are spread on surface of the base material after being mixed by curing agent and coupling agent in ten times dilution of dissolvent, then get solidified in ordinary temperature for over 30 minutes or by heated between 120℃ and 150℃ for 30 seconds. No dissolvent is needed in sealant and mould gum. Stir in mixture of curing agent (varies from single-component to double-component), and 30 to 120 minutes after deaeration it will solidify.

No mixing with acid-base materials, alkoxy silane or high temperature water vapor, otherwise there is the tendency of curing and viscosity changes.

[Packing and storage]
1. This product should be sealed stored in clean plastic bucket and avoid contact with strong acidic and alkaline substances;

2. Stored at room temperature in ventilated and cool place;

3. Non-toxic non-dangerous goods storage and transportation.